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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unquestionably the coolest notebook I've ever seen

Cool Indian Notebook - Close-Up
Close-up: top right of cover
Granted, I've only got about 18 months of the notebook bug under my belt, so I've seen a lot fewer notebooks in my time than Nifty has. But I find the coolness factor of this notebook is off the charts.

I bought it at Flax in L.A. last month. Joan, the proprietor at Flax, said once the salesman showed then to her she bought all they had —and she only had 5 left when I bought this one.

The notebook is from India and appears handmade. Joan didn't know what language that is on the cover, and I don't, either. Hindi? Punjabi? Bengali?

Let's start with the cover: part leather, part canvas, with a rough-hewn interface between the two and around the edges.
Cool Indian Notebook - Front and Back
Front and back views
The pages are heavily textured, and likewise finished roughly around the edges, and it has a very narrow leather bookmark. It seems like this notebook should be used only for important things. Forget about daily to-do lists. That just wouldn't seem right.

Cool Indian Notebook - Edge Views

Everything about this notebook — the rough edges of the paper, it's texture, the materials (the cover is part leather and part canvas, the bookmark is leather), the stamp and writing on the cover — screams "Old World." Sitting down with it, I feel like a British Lieutenant leading an expedition or manning a remote outpost in colonial India or South Africa, keeping my log in this notebook, writing in the heat as I sweat under my heavy red tunic.

But, that's just me.



  1. Wow, I can't tell you how much I love this! Wish I could find one like it!
    How does it write? Fantastic!!

  2. Rori,

    I'm afraid this will only make it worse for you: it takes fountain pen ink beautifully.

    Try calling Joan at Flax Pen to Paper. You never know, she might have one left, or maybe the vendor brought by some more.

  3. What a great looking notebook. Such a plus that it takes the fountain pen ink well, so many times they look great on the outside and just can't handle the ink.

  4. Hey! I really think the writing on the notebook is Punjabi...
    My Mom speaks it.

  5. hi,thanks for sharing!also btw the writing is devangari and urdu