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Friday, March 12, 2010

I really picked the wrong time to get into pens

I'd been getting interested in notebooks and pens for a month or two, reading all kinds of blogs and forums. Then I ran across someone's blog post about their visit to a pen show in Philadelphia or somewhere, and thought to myself, "I live 90 minutes from L.A — surely, L.A. must host a pen show!" So I start hunting around on the internet, and it takes maybe 15 seconds before I'm looking at the web page for the 2010 Los Angeles International Pen Show. Yeah!

Except this was about 2 in the morning on the last day of the show. Announcing at the last minute that your wife and child are going to have to spend Sunday without you because you're driving 90 minutes to go look at some pens . . . well, that's not likely to go over very well, is it?

So, I didn't go. But it's on my calendar for next February already!


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