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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This was inevitable

I figured this would happen either within the first few weeks of owning a fountain pen or about 20 years later. I didn't expect it to happen about two and a half years after my first fountain pen.

Lamy 2000 fine nib and Diamine China Blue ink on a
Croft & Barrows Easy Care sport shirt
It compliments the cornflower blue check pattern quite nicely, I think.

UPDATE: A comment made me aware that I need to clarify this post.

The comment, from ThirdeYe: "Yikes! Do you know what happened? Pen failure? Heat?"
None of the above. This was purely operator error. I don't post when I write, but on this occasion, I posted the cap for a moment to keep the pen from rolling away when I set it on the desk. A minute later, on my way out the door, I went to pick up the pen, and I must have assumed it was capped because the cap was on it (again, I never post).

What you see is the result of putting an uncapped Lamy 2000 nib-down in a pocket.

It is because this was a boneheaded move that I thought this was inevitable!