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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This was inevitable

I figured this would happen either within the first few weeks of owning a fountain pen or about 20 years later. I didn't expect it to happen about two and a half years after my first fountain pen.

Lamy 2000 fine nib and Diamine China Blue ink on a
Croft & Barrows Easy Care sport shirt
It compliments the cornflower blue check pattern quite nicely, I think.

UPDATE: A comment made me aware that I need to clarify this post.

The comment, from ThirdeYe: "Yikes! Do you know what happened? Pen failure? Heat?"
None of the above. This was purely operator error. I don't post when I write, but on this occasion, I posted the cap for a moment to keep the pen from rolling away when I set it on the desk. A minute later, on my way out the door, I went to pick up the pen, and I must have assumed it was capped because the cap was on it (again, I never post).

What you see is the result of putting an uncapped Lamy 2000 nib-down in a pocket.

It is because this was a boneheaded move that I thought this was inevitable!



  1. Oh boy... Gratz? I guess...
    It's allright, it's just Diamine, it should wash off :))

  2. That is one matching ink stain! It has not happened to me yet, but I hope not anytime soon.

  3. I think that's why I put my pens in a plastic pencil case in my purse. Driving from Phoenix (1,000 ft elevation) to Flagstaff (7,000 ft elevation)recently was enough to goof up some of my cosmetics but fortunately not my fountain pens! Yet, one of these days.....

  4. GAH! What a mess! However, you are right, they do look rather match quite nicely. Hope you don't have too much trouble cleaning it up :)

  5. Yikes! Do you know what happened? Pen failure? Heat?

  6. Wait wait..it's going to be fine! The shirt is one of those "Easy Care" numbers. No worries ;)

  7. Been there a number of times. I remember well my favorite yellow (now speckled blue)shirt fondly. :::sigh:::

  8. Amodex makes me look smarter. Then Oxyclean soak if necessary. Don't dry the shirt until it's gone. I've had a number of colors fixed.

  9. The main blot looks like a delightful viola pansie flower. Now all you need is a matching green stem - Mont Blanc Racing Green perhaps!!!