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Thursday, July 8, 2010

They're here! (Or, more correctly, they're at Jet Pens.)

I've been watching JetPress carefully for this announcement. Little did I know that Jet Pens has a separate RSS feed for new product announcements, so I almost missed it, but Jet Pens has had Noodler's Ink Fountain Pens in stock since Tuesday. 

Piston fillers are available in 4 colors and cost only $14.00.

Aerometric/Eyedropper fill pens are available in two colors and cost $24.00

I wasted no time ordering mine. It seems Swisher Pens sold out rather quickly.



  1. While I am sure these economical Jet Pens are nice, I'm pretty sure they pail in comparison even to mid-priced fountain pens with more established names.

  2. After a week with NO INTERNET the first thing I did when internet returned was order one piston and one aerometric.

    I'm very enthusiastic about them