A technophile lawyer rediscovers the joys of pen and paper

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The ultimate fountain pen for lawyers

OK, this limited edition came out in 2004, so this isn't exactly breaking news. But I just found out about it, so what the hell, I'm posting about it. The ultimate fountain pen for attorneys has to be the Pilot/Namiki Shark.

Only 80 were made, and each sold for $10,000 in 2004. No idea what one costs now.

If only it didn't have a threaded cap, I'd buy one tomorrow. Maybe two!



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  2. Ah shucks, now I have to send your surprise birthday gift back!

  3. As one lawyer to another it is s bit of a double edged sword; sure it is a shark on a stunning pen but the last thing we need from a PR perspective as a profession is to be associated with sharks. Just kidding nice find.

  4. Why don't sharks bite lawyers? Professional courtesy! :)