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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Booker Poll: Can I interest anyone in giveaways of some lightly used stationery products? (UPDATED with Results))

I'm trying to get an idea of what sort of used stationery items would interest people enough that they would sign up for giveaways of those items. This post explains why I want to know and includes a poll at the end so you can let me know what you're interested in.

Since my fountain pen - ink - notebook fetish is rather young, I haven't really settled into too many favorites and am trying an awful lot of different stuff. Some of it I won't ever use again because it doesn't suit me. Or because I've bought so much or so many that I won't be able to go through them all during my lifetime. A good example of that last category: Notebooks. Ink will join the list if I don't get a handle on my compulsion soon.

I've thought about putting up giveaway contests for products I review but don't keep, but almost nothing I review is sent to me for free. I buy most of it, so I buy only one (usually), meaning I don't have a brand spanking new one to give away. If I want to sponsor a giveaway, it has to be of a slightly used product: a lightly used pen, a notebook with some pages written on it, etc.

Rather than throw these items in a drawer or the trash bin, I'd rather find them a good home. But posting used items for giveaways seems . . . cheap. Offering a giveaway of a product I've just panned in a review doesn't seem sporting, either. Then again, what doesn't suit me might be perfect for someone else.

Anyhow, take a look at this list, and let me know what you might be interested in. Select as many categories as you like, then click the "cast your vote" button at the bottom. (UPDATE: With 8% of precincts reporting, it looks like voter turnout is only about 16% (9 voters out of 55 visits to the blog this morning). That may be because I left out the most important option: "none of the above." It's there now, at the very bottom.)

Then make sure you check back here once in a while (or subscribe to my RSS feed) to see what I'm giving away!

Feel free to give me your thoughts via a comment on this post, too.

UPDATE -- RESULTS (10/5/10)

Well, voter turnout was even lower than your typical odd-year special election for local offices . . . probably in the single digit percentage of unique visitors over the 2.5 weeks the poll was up. That said, here are the results, with thanks to all who participated:

For a long time, notebooks led the way, but slightly used fountain pens eclipsed notebooks with the last 5 voters or so. I gave away ink samples last week, and I've got some products identified for giveaways soon, so keep your RSS readers tuned!.



  1. As a law school student I would take used post-it notes if they were free!

  2. I agree with Julie - anything goes! Thanks for thinking of this.

  3. I agree... anything goes in a giveaway :)

  4. actually, if its a giveaway I thing everything goes :-)

  5. It's far better to offer these things in a giveaway than letting them dry rot in a box in the closet. Set them free to bring joy into someone else's life. :)

  6. Who doesn't like free stuff? So generous!

  7. I would love your used stuff. Certified Pre-Owned! I have a hard time cracking new things open because I'm always torn on what to DO with them, and this way, well, I would just be able to dive right in. Pre-cracked!!

    Thanks :)

  8. I firmly believe in reusing, recycling, and passing around that which needs a new home. Giveaways are fun because of the randomness and surprise, so you are combining the best of both.

  9. I love some free stuff! Including notebooks especially.

  10. Hey a give away is a give away.

  11. What a great way to share, thank you.

  12. If this counts as an entry I'm in. I really believe in recycling. Who cares if it's used. I don't.