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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Score one for digital, No.1: Redbox

In my post a few weeks ago about digital-to-analog changes in my life during 2010, I mentioned that I still keep all my contacts in my iPhone rather than a paper address book, and I wrote, "Score one for digital."

So, I got to thinking about other areas that digital still tules over pen and paper, and decided they might make a good series for the blog, as a sort of counterpoint to my usual ramblings. This is the first installment.

Before we got Netflix, we would occasionally rent DVDs from the automated Redbox DVD kiosk at the grocery store. Hard to go wrong for a buck a night.

So one Saturday my 8-year-old daughter and I wanted to rent The Spy Next Door, but it was already checked out. I whipped out my iPhone, searched for the movie in the Redbox app, and found where it was stocked in another kiosk about a half mile away, which I hadn't known about previously. Five minutes later, we had it in our hands.

No matter how much I refine my planner layout, it won't be able to do that!


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  1. ...................and you'll NEVER get away from digital no matter how hard you try. Duh Dad