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Friday, March 9, 2012

Who painted over the pen mural?

Last summer, I was in downtown LA for an appearance in federal court. I hadn't been to the federal court building in some time, and parked in a parking lot that was new to me. Bordering the parking lot was some sort of huge industrial industrial building. One whole side of it was painted with a mural. I took pictures, but for some reason, the only one I can find is this close up of just one end of the mural . . . but it includes the pen, so it's the important part (I honestly cannot remember what else was in it):

I haven't cropped out the cars here, because I'm missing the pictures of the whole building, and I wanted to give you some perspective to see how big this pen was. That's right, I said was. Because I was back in federal court a month or so ago and that part of the wall looks like this now:

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I had to crop from a larger view.) What a shame. Even more of a shame when you see the whole side of the building and realize that the entire side was a mural:

I was looking forward to seeing the mural again. When it wasn't there, not only did I do a double take, I really questioned whether I had imagined things before! I'm glad I had one of the older photos just to know I wasn't going crazy.

My question is this: who on earth could possibly think this is an improvement? There's little enough beauty in downtown L.A. Here was a nice little patch of it, and they paint over it! This would have bummed me out even if there were no pen in the mural.



  1. What I can't understand is who decided that someone's art wasn't worthy of being on the side of a building? I'm sure it took quite a bit of time to design the mural, never mind how difficult it must have been to paint the whole thing. That really bothers me; as a creative person it irks me that someone has the power to squelch creativity like that. I can see why it bothered you.

  2. What a shame! It looks like it was a gorgeous mural. Well, maybe something happened--perhaps a gang "tagged" it or someone covered it in profanity.