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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A new pen blog with a great name

Thanks to Brad's Ink Links this week at The Pen Addict, I discovered a new pen blog this morning, with one of the best blog names ever: "Confessions of a Lady Quiller." Looks like she caught Brad's attention with her second post ever. That's getting her blog on everyone's radar very quickly!

As much as I love the name of her blog, I think "sieze the dave" still edges her out in the clever name standings, in part because his URL, while playing on the same theme, is different but just as clever. (But you'll have to click [or at least hover over] the link to see it.)



  1. I LOVE the name! It brings a smile to my face every time I read it.

  2. The name of the new Blog is very creative...

    But two posts total in seven whole months? And you say, "That's getting her blog on everyone's radar very quickly!" Oh really?

    Also, the one pen review on her site is a glowing review of a "green" product without really addressing how "green" it really is. That's irresponsible for someone who is really interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

    At least a mention of how "green" a refillable recycled "vintage" fountain pen would be compared with the roller ball she reviews is justified; especially for a first pen review post.

    I'm seeing more and more unquestioning praise for "green" products these days. Seems like the result of ideological brainwashing IMH.

    Regards, David

  3. David,

    You have a point. I didn't bother to check the date on the original post, assuming that only two posts would have had to have been fairly close in time. (Then again, I'm not a very prolific blogger either.)

    As for green products, I'm with you all the way. You'll be interested in this post of mine.