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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What goes around, comes around

Usually one says that about something bad, but I'm saying it about something good. John at PencilWrap was kind enough in his Peanuts Special Edition Moleskine giveaway post -- learning from my comment that my giveaways are "cheap ploys for new readers" (I'm only talking about mine, not anyone else's) -- to link to me, so I am returning the favor.

Exit questions: Did Charles Schulz use a Moleskine? Would Snoopy?



  1. I would be surprised if he used a Moleskine, especially given the fact that they have not been around very long. A notebook similar to a Moleskine? Sure. I guess he might have used a Moleskine near the end of his career, but I doubt it.

  2. Snoopie uses almost exclusively a Parker 51 filled with blue/black Quink - he has for ages. Unfortunately like the many of us, he finds Moleskine notebooks to be not only over-priced, but that they often feather and bleed.


  3. Thanks again for posting about the giveaway. I believe that no matter what type of notebook it is, Snoopy is the Peanuts character most likely to GTD.