A technophile lawyer rediscovers the joys of pen and paper

Friday, March 4, 2011

Deadly Pens!

Want a pen that will make you feel like James Bond? Then check out these 5 Tactical Pens for Writing and Self-Defense, written up by Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness. What's a tactical pen, you ask?

"A tactical pen is a writing implement that can be used both for signing checks and as a last ditch self-defense weapon."

There's not a Lamy, Namiki, Pilot, Sailor, Mont Blanc, Waterman or Visconti in the bunch!



  1. Hm. They look sufficiently nasty that any policeman here in the UK would take it off you and caution you for carrying an offensive weapon. Anyone tried to take one of these on a commercial airliner and lived to tell the tale?

  2. Oh yeah, these. I was debating if I should get one just to test if I can take it past airport security. However, they are still rather expensive and it's not worth getting them confiscated.

    Fact is, a trained person can use almost anything, including his/her bare hands, to kill somebody. Not to mention that the most basic and cheap pen can be used to the same effect by almost anyone.