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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ink me!

Well, nothing like 16 little samples of fountain pen inks to cheer me up after another all-nighter! The timing of today's delivery from Pear Tree Pens was perfect. If you love ink but don't know about their ink sample pack, you're really missing out! Four samples for $4.99. Quite the deal. (I have no affiliation, I just love the service.)

If you're curious what the colors are, click the pic, then mouse over the sample you're interested in!

UPDATE (5/18): Pear Tree Pens is in the "Retailer Spotlight" at Rhodia Drive. Check it out!

Look under the picture for more updates!

Ink Samples from Pear Tree Pens

UPDATE #2 (5/22): Welcome Pen Addict readers! And, for those of you who arrived at this post some other way, make sure to check out Pen Addict's "Ink Links" post published today and every Saturday, where you'll find lost of links and likely discover (like I do) a new blog or two you want to follow nearly every week.

UPDATE #3 (5/22): Just this week, I learned that Brian Goulet of Goulet Pen Co. (and the teriffic Ink Nouveau vlog) is also offering samples. For now, he's only offering J. Herbin and Pelikan inks, but he's got some colors in those brands that Pear Tree pens didn't offer samples of the last time I ordered, and you don't have to order in sets of 4 . . . so I ordered 11 more samples from Brian yesterday!


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  1. I appreciate the link! I think it's important to offer the full line of inks. I'm actually looking to expand into some more brands soon, as well. And of course I'll do samples as well ;)