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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get thee to the Smithsonian this Saturday!

I don't know where the Smithsonian got the idea that anyone reads my blog, but I'll humor their illusion and, at the request of one of their employees, pass along the news that the National Postal Museum, in association with the Pen Collectors of America, will be hosting a special event this Saturday: Pens & the Post: Collect, Correspond, Celebrate!
Pens, postage, and mail have long gone hand-in-hand. Join the Postal Museum and the Pen Collectors of America for a day of fun activities exploring the history of pens and mail. Learn about letter writing past and present with many fun activities[.]
My favorite among the listed activities: "Take a fancy fountain pen for a spin at the 'Pen Petting Zoo' provided by Fahrney’s Pens." I never thought of it that way before, but "pen petting zoo" is a perfect way to describe it!
Special mini-workshops will encourage deeper exploration of special topics from the fun of pen collecting to improving your penmanship. Each workshop includes a hands-on activity, opportunities to ask questions, and the chance to learn from the experts! 
Click the link or the logo for details.


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  1. that sounds soooo neat! i wish we had something like that here....