A technophile lawyer rediscovers the joys of pen and paper

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Many of you are probably already aware that November is "NaNoWriMo," short for National Novel Writing Month. Full details are at the link, but the basic idea is to get a 50,000-word novel written in 30 days by emphasizing consistent daily writing without worrying about quality as you go. Hey, that part sounds fun!

A 50,000 word novel seems somewhat — make that very — ambitious for me. I haven't even come up with an idea yet! But a short story . . . well, that sounds "do-able."

Thus, for me, November will be Short Story Writing Month: "ShoStoWriMo."



  1. Enjoy your ShoStoWriMo :-) I think it's great to join in the spirit of NaNo, no matter what project you choose to do.

  2. Writing a short story in a month does seem more feasible than a 50,000 page novel. Especially when writing it out by hand.

    What happened to the header pic? You changing things up a bit?

  3. John M,

    Yes, I got bored with the photo. It was intended to be symbolic — notebook next to a laptop, is that deep, or what? — but the color was too orange-y for me after a while.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Welcome aboard NaNo! Are you doing one short story or enough of them to total 50K words. It doesn't really matter about crossing the finish line, either. The whole idea is that you WRITE.