A technophile lawyer rediscovers the joys of pen and paper

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new colleague thinks I'm a geek because I like pens

The firm added a lawyer a short time ago, and yesterday, during the course of a brief conversation on our way out, she said I was scary, then said I was approaching geekdom, then said I'd gone way over the line and was definitely a geek.

All because I like pens. Or, at least, I think I like pens. She thinks I have an unhealthy obsession with them. Just because I can look at pens (in a store or online) for hours, spend a lot of time reading pen-and-paper blogs, and plan on going to the Los Angeles International Pen Show over Presidents' Day weekend (and take my Waterman Expert with me to perhaps drop it off for nib adjustment), she thinks I'm a geek. Imagine that!

The irony of this is that the whole reason we started talking was because I noticed a new notebook on her desk and asked about it. Turns out she's addicted to notebooks. Can't go to Staples for anything without stopping by the notebook aisle. Hard to imagine that someone who is such a notebook junkie would find a pen interest/obsession/addiction "geeky."



  1. Be proud of who you are. Pens, paper, art supplies and craft goodies are all on my radar... It's part of what makes up ME.
    Maybe jokingly mention all her new notebooks when you see them. Draw attention to her own geekiness.

    Just know you are not alone. Pen nerd/geek/freak - I'll proudly stand under that label. ^^

  2. It takes one to know one! I for one am proud of being a pen/notebook/stationery geek. You don't have to wear pointy ears to get into a pen show!

  3. Tell him to go fly a kite, I have been collecting pens for years and I am not a geek for that, I am a geek for many other reasons.


  4. Some people are Star Wars geeks, others are World of Warcraft geeks and others are stationery geeks. We all have our little proclivities. And being a geek is cool man!

  5. I think it's funny that someone would try to use the word geek as being a bad thing. I figure that we've all got our passions - if that makes us geeks, then so be. As far as having your pen moments, I completely understand. :)

  6. She can keep her notebook addiction if you can keep your pen addiction ;)

  7. EJ - Geeks were the people that bit the heads off chickens at carnival sideshows: is that a bad thing?

    We have a lawyer in our office that I pass on my Fahrney's and FPH catalogs on to with the comment "Here's more pen porn".

    If our love of pens is the most unusual thing about us I'd say we're pretty normal. But then, what else would I say?


  8. Tell her that time spend with pens beats going under the sun trying to hit a golf ball or more rewarding than waxing the car on a sunday afternoon and let rain and dirt spoil your effort on monday morning. Cheers!