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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fountain pen heresies

Execution Of Servetus
Fountain Pen Network member "bushido" started a thread there titled "fountain pen taboos - don't enter if you're easily offended," that has generated more than 400 replies since it went up in mid-March. Here's the invitation to which the others are replying:
no bad/hate-filled language or anything that violates board rules but opinions that are controversial. like how you think 149 is overrated (i disagree). how krone pens are the best thing since sliced bread (i disagree). that you use your lamy 2000 as a door stop (no way...that scratches the door!).

you get the picture.

remember: what's said here, stays here! no grudges.
Maybe I'm weird, but I find many of the replies quite funny (and I've only gone through 30 or so). Not because the writers are trying to be funny, but because they are challenging orthodoxy and I like the pluck of the writers.

And I'm finding people just like me: "I do not write enough to justify the amount of pens I have." But I'm trying to change that. Not be reducing the number of my pens, of course, but by finding more excuses to write.


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