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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My haul from Flax

I had to go into L.A. for a deposition the other day after pulling an all-nighter. I was pretty ticked off about having to go, because we'd asked the other side to reschedule the deposition (which 99% of lawyers would have done, but the lawyers in this case refused to do). Then I decided to look at the bright side . . . this meant I could go to Flax again, and actually spend some time looking around since there was nothing I had to get back to the office for.

I had big plans before I got there. You see, on the way there, I got a phone call letting me know I got a big decision in another case that day. Hah! The perfect excuse to celebrate by buying my first expensive fountain pen!

When I got to Flax, I browsed like crazy, but left without an expensive fountain pen. My haul:

Flax Haul 1

A Lamy AL-Star, Pilot Knight, Rhodia pencil, Apica notebook, and a book about how to use handwritten notes to advance your business networking.

I already love the Pilot Knight. I've been searching for the right nib size for my style of writing, but so far my search has resembled the early stages of Goldilocks's search for porridge of the right temperature. The Pilot Knight medium nib writes a finer line than my Lamy fine nib and it's smoother at the same time. Awesome!

The Rhodia pencils are just so damn cool looking that I had to try one. I picked up the Apica notebook because I had been very impressed with the quality of one of their very small notebooks and this paper felt very smooth to the touch, crying out for me to try it. I could not refuse that cry.

When I got home, I regretted not buying an expensive pen. (I had my eye on the Waterman Carene). I mean, I love the Pilot Knight, but . . . I had denied myself the celebration!

Then yesterday (I'm writing this at about 3 a.m.), my boss decides he wants to send me to a hearing in L.A. today that we previously planned he would attend.

This cannot be a mere coincidence. I was meant to return to Flax for that pen.

As soon as I'm out of court, I'm heading to Flax again. I'm not sure I'm going to buy the Carene. But I'm buying something. I just hope I can find the right pen.


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