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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who took my Iroshizuku?

emember when I told you how much I was looking forward to opening my new Iroshizuku ink, and that I hadn't done it yet because I was so busy with work and wanted to wait until I could really take the time to savor the moment?

Well, I finally got my break in work, but I haven't savored anything yet, because I can't find the Iroshizuku! I remember very clearly putting it in my truck the other day at work to make sure I had it at home over the weekend in case I had time to open it then. (I didn't.)

Finally, yesterday, after a a month-long stretch of crazy hours that included three all-nighters, I finally had the time to spend on enjoying it, and even a new pen to fill with it. I went to retrieve the Iroshizuku from my truck and . . . couldn't find it! Maybe I brought it in? Looked all over the house. Couldn't find it.

This is driving me nuts! If anybody finds it, please email me.


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