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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pardon my dust, and sorry about the missing comments

You might find an entirely different look to the blog (perhaps several different looks) this weekend, as my unfortunate Disqus  experience requires that I tinker with my Blogger template this weekend to un-do the Disqus customization in the template. I will either go to the default Blogger commenting system or perhaps install Echo. While I'm at it, I may toy around with the blog layout.

My Disqus comments have not been working for weeks. Customer support has tried to be helpful, and I don't expect immediate response from a free service, but . . . for some reason, they don't even seem to understand the nature of the problem.

I don't mean to slam Disqus; they seem to be working for a lot of folks. In fact, if my blog were better established, I'd be happy to give Disqus more time to fix the issue. But this blog is young and growing in both traffic and feed subscriptions, and that's no time for comments to be down for an extended period. I've received some nice e-mails as substitutes for comments since the comments have been down and my entire readership (all four of you!) should have access to those remarks, so I'm determined to fix the commenting this weekend.

Unfortunately, all of the comments previously left on the blog appear to be gone forever. Sorry. Please don't let that discourage you from commenting in the future!